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How to integrate google meet into any website

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Google Meet does not provide a direct embeddable widget or feature that allows you to integrate it directly into your website in the same way you might embed a YouTube video or a Google Map. However, you can create links or buttons on your website that launch Google Meet sessions or invite users to join a meeting. Here's how you can do it:

Option 1: Link to a Google Meet Meeting:

  1. Create a Google Meet Meeting:

    • Log in to your Google account and go to Google Meet (
    • Start or schedule a meeting, and copy the meeting link.
  2. Create a Button or Text Link:

    • In your website's content management system (CMS) or HTML editor, create a button or text link where you want to place the Google Meet link.
  3. Add the Google Meet Link:

    • Insert the Google Meet meeting link as the URL for the button or text link. You can make it clear to users that clicking the link will take them to a Google Meet session.
  4. Style and Publish:

    • Style the button or link to match your website's design, and then save or publish your changes.

When visitors click the button or link, they'll be redirected to the Google Meet meeting room.

Option 2: Use Google Calendar to Schedule and Share Meetings:

  1. Create a Google Meet Meeting in Google Calendar:

    • Go to Google Calendar ( and create an event.
    • Click on "Add Google Meet video conferencing" to automatically generate a Google Meet link for your event.
  2. Embed Google Calendar on Your Website (Optional):

    • You can embed your Google Calendar on your website to display upcoming events and meetings. Visitors can then click on the event to access the Google Meet link. To do this, follow Google's instructions for embedding Google Calendar.
  3. Share the Event Link:

    • You can also share the event link (found in Google Calendar) directly on your website as a text link or button, similar to Option 1.

Option 3: Use Third-Party Integrations:

There are third-party website builders, plugins, and services that may offer integrations with Google Meet. These can simplify the process of embedding Google Meet on your website. However, the availability of such integrations may vary, so you should explore options based on your website platform.

Please note that the steps and options may evolve over time, and Google may introduce new features or integrations for Google Meet. Be sure to check Google's official documentation and the latest updates for the most current information on integrating Google Meet with your website.