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October, 08 2016

What is the BIGGEST mistake of modern website builders? Too many complex tools that are out of touch with small business owners. 
We are Simple!
Welcome to STeditor!
STeditor is a simple, user friendly website builder, made to help local small businesses, startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs to get their product, service or material on the internet.  STeditor is the builder for you! 
Our editor is was designed to give users backend access control using easy and simple tools. With our drag drop sections and widgets you will be able to use your creativity to design and manage your website. STeditor also offers users, the analytical insights of their website performance and business activity. With our integrated PWIK analytics, you will be able to use live data to analyze your sales and monetize available resources more effectively.

    No technical or coding skills required
    Sites are 100% SEO friendly 
    We have the option to us our premade templates and add your creative spark
 Or ask one of our designers to help manage the design for you for as low as $10/Month

Sign up Today! And let’s build you an Awesome website! 

Signing Up
Signing up with STeditor is completely free for the first week, which will allow to asses whether STeditor is the right move for you. Once you sign up for a free, you will be able to design and create your website, or you can call us and ask for design assistance.  Once your free subscription ends, you will be notified to upgrade your subscription to one of our three packages. With STeditor, you can have access other business tools such as:
Automated business phone number and fax number
Business card designer
Flyer Designer
Business Email 
Integrated website App
Business analytics
24/7 assistance
Free Logo Design
And More! 

To sign up with STeditor:

    Click the Login button on the top right of the page
    On the bottom of the box, Click Haven't yet set up an account? Register
    Enter your 
1. Name 
2. Desired Email
3. Password
Once you have registered, enter the email address and Password you have selected to get started
    Click login.

Creating your website
In addition to our diverse premade sections and templates, we have awesome, response tools you can utilize to give your website the professional, fun or even funky look you are looking for.
You can also select blank pages and drag and drop our pre-made sections for you to edit.
    1.Go to the Blank Templates.
    2.Hover over the template that you would like to use.
Click Edit.

The template opens in the Editor.  Here you can customize your site's Pages, Texts, Design and drag & drop various elements from the menu selection on the left and into the Editor.
Make sure to click Save from the top menu of the Editor.

4. You will have technical support whenever you need. Just call +1 612-260-4100

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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